The zika jumps to the Games

The zika jumps to the Games

The mosquito lives in 61 countries and territories and eradicate the planet is an impossible task. Pau Gasol statements about the dangers posed to participants and attendees celebration in Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games have caused surprise both in sports and health. The basketball player has drawn attention to the impact of the Zika virus, which affects a very special way to Brazil, where they have detected in recent months 90,000 probable cases. Concern has acquired such a level that Gasol admits he is considering the possibility of not going to the Olympics next August.

Arguments in favor of postponing or relocating the competition have been put forward by a group of over 150 scientists from prestigious international universities, according to which the strain zika has implications for more serious than previously thought health. The virus, transmitted by the bite of a mosquito, usually causes mild symptoms, while it may cause serious neurological disorders and in cases of infected mothers has been directly linked to the birth of babies with microcephaly. Although the zika remains in the spotlight, the World Health Organization says that contracting dengue is more dangerous to humans.

Several million people will travel to Brazil, and ensure public health is the main objective. WHO has already declared in February the global health alert and issued a list of recommendations to avoid contingencies, but for now, is not in favor of canceling the Games or change the venue because such measures did not significantly alter the spread of zika beyond Brazil's borders. It should be noted that the mosquito that transmits the disease live in 61 countries and territories and eradicate the planet is an impossible task.

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