The Things of Love

The Things of Love
Current cocktail ingredients are discredited right, the demoralization of the left and the invention of populism. They say that Rafael El Gallo, when he refused to goad one morlaco which he did not trust and take refuge in the alley, Enduring looking desolate monumental public anger and muttering: "But what want?". I think that after the elections on 20-D are politicians (Rajoy the most notable of them) that are on the waiting burladero subsides screaming in the stands and trying to guess what they want respectable. Some willing interpreters of the general will assure us that people just want to have stability in the country, others say it is clear that the mood change, we must envision a claim of understanding between them. The truth is that the message has not been at all clear; rather there are several that cacophonously overlap each other, as when we try to tune to a radio station and we overlap a lot, hearing both music, news and the Sunday sermon , without understanding anything.

I would say, at the risk of stepping on the hem, the Spanish (including those who are obsessed with ceasing to be) ask their elected at the polls abolish the evils, promote goods and especially able to successfully distinguish clearly between the two. The truth is that the most fearsome and dangerous of many social and political problems is the solution. The most positive part of the current situation is that now occupy (or care) in public affairs many more people than before, particularly among young people. Be apolitical, yesterday was a kind of cynical aristocratic posture, today is no longer frowned upon. And sometimes loud interested in social networks governance issues even still millions who do not vote, justified by some neocons (in the French sense of the word) that such dislike the electoral law have decided not to support or who want change and prefer to wait for the resurrection of Thomas Jefferson to cheer. All clear on what Bergamin, who was anti monárchy that Republican, called the "confusion" is that most are unhappy with the past and wary of the future. Current cocktail ingredients are discredited right, the demoralization of the left and the invention of populism. Let's see them more closely.

The Spaniards call their elected at the polls abolish the evils and promote goods

The Spanish right (and especially its dedication Catalan, who holds the European record) will not bring in quite a while to recover from the foul daub of corruption that cover the possible positive achievements. The PP is certainly not the only party with corruption in their ranks, not even the only structural elements of corruption (there's the case of the PSOE in Andalusia), but it houses the largest and most spectacular. Above all, the most unsightly. There is nothing more repellent than seeing their Sunday best Promujeres notables and social cream mired in the looting of society that treats them as privileged. Those who considered better community, those who never line up, those with last names linked to the lineage of the most profitable and best reputed institutions, the photos on coated paper, are discovered as trileros high-end ravaging the country both claim to love. For appreciable Regardless of the economic successes that can display the government, many suffered and therefore resentful citizens will not forgive this vile spectacle. Even many of those who still vote PP are willing to forget.

The non-Marxist left, meanwhile, is bewildered without regenerative push it had in the years of democratic transition. Of course, the title of Social did sympathetic who used it as a taunt: Communists yesterday and today our Tea Party Local (on the same in many cases). But those who call themselves social democrats have failed to implement a political agenda that constitutes a credible and sufficient alternative, especially in the economic field, which carried out by right-wing governments which is also a Social Democrat reluctantly. That's the trouble, that social democracy has triumphed in Europe so that no one can be less and be more difficult to achieve. So socialism fades among those who do not see it as a more generous and sweetened the right version but sometimes ineffective. Dissenting still they are looking for something within the system but left. The same is true among American liberals, social democracy that dare not speak its name. Defrauded by Obama (can be extended theme reading Death of the liberal class , Chris Hedges, ed. Captain Swing) now put their hope in Bernie Sanders. But the blind spot of the PSOE remains its relationship with the nationalists, full of ambiguity and opportunism. The vaunted federal solution has been watered down or worse, broken water without delivery.

Be "apolitical" was yesterday was a kind of cynical aristocratic posture. Today is no longer frowned upon

In this scenario, newly patented populism (although more times retreading a sexagenarian beauty) has an advantage. Your credit line will not extend resolving conflicts, but keeping them alive and taking advantage of the indignation aroused to unite their groups, so other reports. His political project is not made ​​proposals but imperious demands: the less you are satisfied, more strength gains. "The new policy focuses its efforts on the issues that fracture society into two camps to make clear that he is the leader of one," says Victor Lapuente in an excellent article ( shepherds or sheep , El Pais, 02/09/16 ). Cultural proposals are wildly radical, such as short work of the puppeteers, who have nothing to do with the defense of terrorism but with his usual trivialization by the radical left and the denigration of judges, nuns, police and tutti quanti responding the simplistic and imprecise that Ernesto Laclau considered policy conditions. So now wrapped in a burning defense of freedom of expression, while on the other hand advocate the removal of street right illustrious writers who practiced or support that is uncomfortable Arcadi Espada remove a prize for having said the wrong thing they like. Imagine what would be the Ministry of Education in those hands.

And in this mess citizens what want? And the best, the worst and everything else? The only certainty is that "any person who produces cultural poverty and lack of ideal bodies should not complain of populism" (Jose Luis Villaca├▒as in Populism , ed. La Huerta Grande). Neither of the other political evils, it seems to me.

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