The Criminal Tourists

The Criminal Tourists
In ideal tourists, a novel for which no imagination needed, Ignacio Vidal-Folch portrays a group of intellectuals sensor to detect global causes they lend their image, and that causes the pay to them. To this were an obstacle: for example, descend from the icy peaks of consumerism that had made ​​them rich to return later, in Spain, to take refuge in their political sensitivity remote control. Vidal-Folch exemplified what a fictional scenario, transcript of Lacandona, and characters that was difficult to dissociate their real correspondences.

I remember that no one was inspired by one of the tourists more committed to charity ideological ideal, Ignacio Ramonet. In 2005, around the same time that the publication of satire Vidal-Folch, Ramonet wrote a biography of Fidel Castro after 100 hours of conversation with him, all without recorder, all reconstructed by memory. Hours later learned that Castro, before a particular case, the author zanjaba sending their speeches, hence many pages in memory Ramonet seem supernatural was not the mnemonic, was the cortapega. In this performance the fascination and journalism, something that would not be bad at all if the reader could differentiate met. To refresh this, Sean Penn has offered a decade later to meet the increased drug on the planet, a man who earns from his presentation: drug lord, not of those killed. But Penn has commanded, as is standard in tourism, right to the monuments with the camera hanging.

While debating whether Kate del Castillo has crossed the line that separates the actress of her character, the Queen of the South, you have to admire the jump Penn (a tourist's ideal government over Zapatista forest) has made ​​tourism the criminal. Not only because the granting Chapo, which aims autoentrevistarse in Rolling Stone, autorrodarse in Hollywood and who knows if autointerpretarse but the consistency of his appearances, always among millionaires, always an uncomfortable feeling of frivolity, always causes diffuse includes hugs and affection in the case of the murderer Guzman, with that little hand and narrowed grimly, it is purely obscene.

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