'Mein Kampf', a pamphlet for History

'Mein Kampf', a pamphlet for History
Old copies of Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler, deployed during the presentation of the book reprinted in Germany for the first time since World War II. / JOHANNES SIMON (GETTY IMAGES)
Criticism reissue done in Germany is better than prohibit publication. Now available in Germany a repeat of Mein Kampf, the odious pamphlet composed of Adolf Hitler when he was in prison for the attempted coup began in a brewery in Munich. He was after all the power in Berlin and work of yore became ideological instrument of nationalism and racism embodied by the Nazis. The German publisher of Mein Kampf, overwhelmed by demand, has announced an increase in the planned roll, initially estimated at a modest 4,000 copies, certainly far from the 12 million copies in print during the Third Reich.

There have been many doubts about whether to publish or not Hitler's pamphlet criminal purposes, mainly against Jews. Certainly paradoxical place on the shelves text of incitement to racial hatred in such a delicate moment for Europe. Although right-wing populism strive distance of National Socialism and point to the Muslim immigration as the opponent to beat, nothing guarantees that do not take advantage of the spirit of the work of yore to increase pressure against xenophobic enemies more contemporary, those who point these flows from France to the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Greece, Hungary and other countries where xenophobic ideas do not stop spreading. Many Europeans have fought against the Nazi and fascist past, and certainly not relax in that task.

Being all those real dangers directly related to the glorification of force, what sense would have to insist on the ban of reissuing Hitler? It is not legally published in Germany since the time of the occupation by Allied forces. It has remained until now in the custody of the State of Bavaria has not prevented the circulation of pirated versions more or less accessible in small editions or online. The prohibition or semi-clandestine dissemination of this dangerous book is a much worse solution than that used by the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich, who has worked to deliver a text of nearly 2,000 pages, more than half of them dedicated to annotations and comments.

Served raw, Mein Kampf could have been exploited as a shocking propaganda of the superiority of the Aryan race, with all that this implies in the field of incitement to racial hatred. However, properly framed by specialists, have the text in question may be the best way to expose and demystify the symbol and place it for what it is, a pamphlet played a role in history. The more scientific than commercial, editing is a preferable solution regressive speech pure and simple, or act as if there had been no prohibition. And also more desirable than the sensationalist exploitation of Hitler atrocities for adding a rotten ideological weapon to the arsenal of the enemies of democracy.

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