The last minute

The last minute
Here it has always left everything to the last minute. From the statement of income until the arrival of democracy. Things at the last minute and usually become faster because we work out training centuries. Spain is a country that runs through the history of strength hundred-meter race. Election debates in the last minute is called the final minute, with all it has to judgment in final hour of last rites. It is when the candidate makes Manuel Luque. Sincere man makes a face where the palm grows, separating his hands as if to play the accordion and released a string of sentences, which sometimes can be juxtaposed concepts and telegrams of condolences and others, like ideas presented by anaphora in the Beatitudes (the higher secularism advocated by the candidate's liturgical tone in his speech).

At the last minute we talk very fast to fit many things like fast writes an essay to finish it before it reaches the teacher. Some television illustrate the last minute with a clock that gives the countdown, as if nobody had notion of what lasts a minute. As if no one had ever expected a yes or a no from another person, a phone call from a job or had been at the hand for a while without thinking only of her. A clock that back as a politician speaks forward is a mirror image of what happens in reality. While you will see only go back in two very specific scientific conditions: when the traveler returns to HG Wells in his 1909 trip to the country of Morlock and Eloi, and when the Americans sent a rocket into space. (The debate has a lot of two duel between Morlocks and Eloi, of dystopian world without alternatives, as in summarizing all be forced to choose between one or the other puts in a dilemma rather than a free choice).

It is not the very last minute last minute. First, because the hours usually last longer than the minutes; but above all, last time is what just happened a minute ago, and that urgency bursts in the media. The final minute discredits the rest of the debate, as the viewer think that's what might have said at the beginning each candidate and so had eaten tortilla on the table as when I was little. It is also at the last minute, and increasingly, when the vote is decided and start counting forward.

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