'Star Wars' again and again

'Star Wars' again and again
Many fans await the arrival of Friday repeating a phrase of the legendary saga, "I have a bad feeling." But many more are convinced that in the hands of Lawrence Kasdan, nothing bad can happen. In the advent of the new Star Wars movie, titled The Awakening of the Force, which opens in Spain on one out of three existing cinema screens and more than 300,000 tickets sold in advance, there is not just a business for resolve, but the feelings of millions of fans of several generations, people have made the Jedi Order in a religion in countries like Australia and the UK, moviegoers who still believe that the world can be divided between good and evil and not as reality who it was determined to impose appears: between bad and worse-and that for decades had an altar to George Lucas, until it went mad with technology and also directed a trilogy -the second in Earth's chronology, the first in the chronology warsera- childish.

So it makes perfect sense that when Lucas decided to resume the series, the first one was called Lawrence Kasdan, the writer who gave substance to the highlights of the original movies. Initially, Kasdan signed only as script consultant, but after the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney, and although ensure that secured and still today only interested in writing the spin off of Han Solo, his favorite character, Kasdan ended become a major writer.

With JJ Abrams, the director, he has developed a story very stuck in his scheme to The Wars, starting a desert planet, someone who passes information to a small robot ... Makes sense: to attract necessary to return to the veterans and fans use these weapons for new followers who are going to feed the box in the big business of Star Wars, which is not in selling movie tickets-and certainly at the box office, more to the cost of 3D , do very well- but the merchandising: dolls, shirts, toys, video games, food ... Christmas is here and Santa Claus and the Three Kings to load bags and bags of products with any relation to the saga.

Is there soul images of Star Wars? Yes, in classic characters like Han Solo (best of this issue), the new King, in an extraordinary soundtrack work of octogenarian John Williams ... Basically we return to the same genus, family drama with certain mythological concerns provided by books that they influenced Lucas as The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell. At the start of this (possible) last trilogy, comes in the third generation of a very special family, accented with certain powers and transmitted from father to son the same fear of the unknown and the spiritual. The fans are quiet: as Kasdan and insist Abrams, the concept on which pivots the action is the same that moved the original trilogy, hope.

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