The Infernal dynamics

The Infernal dynamics
Discarded other routes, now it give proportional responses to secession. Lost all occasions that the Government of Rajoy and the Catalan authorities had to try political solutions to the proposed lawsuit, the independence process is at a point that should never have come. Given the evidence that separatism based acts of fait accomplish, the government has resorted to arms the rule of law and obtained the suspension of the Constitutional Court of the independence declaration adopted on Monday by the Catalan Parliament.

Two paths now open. Chances are that the rupturismo impose new gestures of force against the law, in a headlong rush practicing since the process was launched. The efforts of late Junts role Yes to achieve the investiture of Artur Mas, giving everything you have to give in to the CUP to light an independence-including an unusual coral Government of the General presidency, realize the sprint to the radicals imposed on the situation.

Much more sensible would renounce unilateralism. It is not likely that this appeal will be heard by the extremists, possibly interested in provoking a spiral of action-reaction dangerous for everyone. But at least we expect from the most prestigious makers and even nationalist area who refuse to violate the law and help people find constructive outlets.

Breaking constitutional normality in a civilized country can not be as simple as wrapping a normative rate of agitprop fabricated to impose a separate homeland for more than half of the Catalans who have not voted separatists; or take advantage of the troubled waters to evade accountability for acts committed under the current legislation among them, of corruption.

The problem is that the drivers of this process does not behave like politicians. The Government has decided to ask the Constitutional Court to be notified 21 people to refrain from any act that seeks to implement the declaration of the Catalan separatist House. Among them Artur Mas, Carme Forcadell and other political positions, but also representatives of Ciutadans, PSC and Catalunya Yes it is Pot, which we should not think that endorse decisions contrary to the law. Also an official, the secretary general of the Catalan parliament, a sign that he and other officials for example, the Catalan Esquadra- can hide behind policies have received orders to excuse for committing illegal acts.

Independence is not romantic: it is a tear that has very serious for coexistence and living conditions consequences. The government must act as firmly as proportionality to restore respect for the Constitution against those who violate it, maintaining the consensus with the PSOE and Citizen. And never close the door on future negotiations with the representatives of the Catalan community, provided it is done within the law.

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