Stop Xenophobia

Stop Xenophobia
The EU countries should support Merkel in its refugee policy. The long and difficult refugee crisis is serving to fuel the growth of xenophobic movements and right-wing populism in Europe. This has been observed in elections in countries such as Switzerland and Austria, and the same trend surveys indicate countries like Poland and Sweden. We must deal with these movements before it's too late. While the human river of refugees dispersed by alternative routes painfully as he closed the borders, the feeling of overflow seeps in European public opinion.

The German city of Dresden on Sunday became the scene of two opposing demonstrations. On the one hand, an acronym of European patriotic movement against the Islamization of the West, grown on its first anniversary, gathered 20,000 followers in defense of the massive and immediate deportation of refugees welcomed. Opposite, humanitarian organizations and democratic forces were demonstrating in favor of a policy of solidarity and respect human rights host.

And while Switzerland won the elections, improving its previous results, a xenophobic party, Cologne city responded robustly to violence by giving an absolute majority to the candidate for mayor attacked by a favorable political refugees, highlighting a clear response to the intransigence and xenophobia.

Chancellor Angela Merkel appears to target these xenophobic movements. Resistance to assume a common policy to address the refugee crisis it places greater weight on Germany of the problem and is dangerously prolonging a crisis that begins to erode Merkel's popularity in her own country. It would be very concerned that this trend would continue. The policy applies Chancellor defends and is the only one that can help to overcome this crisis without damaging the project of building a strong and cohesive European Union. Do not forget to xenophobic slogans against migrants and refugees are usually accompanied by messages contrary to the EU.

These movements challenge the very essence of Europe based on values ​​of tolerance and overcoming conflicts through dialogue and consultation. Now they want to take advantage of a flammable and extremely complicated situation with a hatred of foreigners to become their most extreme elements in violence, as the bombing of Cologne candidate or attacks suffered by refugee centers. In recent weeks, mayors of cities that have been willing to accept refugees have also been threatened.

Neither Europe can be inhibited, or this is an internal problem of Germany. What it is in Europe, and the best way to stop the intransigent now goes to help Angela Merkel in its policy of welcome and cooperate with it to find joint and several refugee crisis exit.

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