Alerts and alarms on meat

Alerts and alarms on meat

WHO must ensure that their decisions are correctly interpreted. Communicate data related to health is not easy, and just show the confusion created by a work of International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the WHO warning about the carcinogenic effect of excessive consumption of red meat , especially processed and sausages. The work raises no objections rigor and opportunity. While the relationship between excess red meat in the diet and increased some cancers, such as colorectal known. What has made the IARC is to fulfill its mission and determine what scientific evidence there is to it. For it has reviewed more than 800 studies about 450,000 people between 1992 and 2009.

The result indicates that there is such a relationship. At the individual level it is estimated at 18% increase the risk of cancer from a consumption of 50 grams a day continuously. The evidence has made processed meat and sausages pass included in paragraph 1 of the list of carcinogens, which include all those in which, as snuff or plutonium, it has been shown to reach to cause cancer. But that does not mean that eating red meat and sausage is as dangerous as smoking, as interpreted. And here lies the problem.

This type of complex concepts require outreach work to ensure proper interpretation of the data and avoid unfounded alarmism. WHO has already starred in episodes of alarm for informational deficits. You should review its methods. This is to protect health without causing avoidable harm others. In any case, consumers must be informed and know that if they want to care, it is appropriate to take the quantities of red meat for health authorities recommend a healthy diet.

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