Who protects the rights of refugees?

Who protects the rights of refugees?
An exodus as the current will resolved with solidarity intentioned. "In case of persecution, everyone has the right to seek asylum and to enjoy in any country." There is a new manifesto of the undersigned, but the point 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948. This recognition of the right of asylum is limited only if prosecution of criminal offenses or contrary to the principles of the UN acts wide. Of course it happened since has become human rights non-existent few parts of the Earth, but is it possible that these values ​​remain also destroyed in Europe?

Let's see what happened with the refugee crisis. While many European governments were reluctant to consider it as their problem, civil society emerged from private or collaborative sparks solidarity. Germans open their homes to migrants through a web (Welcome Refugees) which relates to those with accommodation aspiring occupy there. We see others who come in large numbers to Munich Central Station with food and toys, and neighbors who bring all the food you can to refugees in Vienna Station. But make no mistake: an exodus as the current is not resolved with solidarity intentioned but isolated. That's why most of those trapped in Hungary multiply the cries of "Merkel" and "Germany", as one evokes the last hope of salvation.

Distress calls to Germany are heading towards a state that has provisions to accommodate up to 800,000 immigrants this year, almost double that applied for asylum in 1992 after the fall of the Soviet bloc. And whose chancellor declared that "granting asylum to a politically persecuted person is a fundamental right." The German leader for it invokes the Constitution of his country; Incidentally, in Spain it is constitutionalized the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, without which the political class to use as support for more proactive action. Of course, we do not hear in these words of Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister.

Also in Spain there is a certain civil solidarity, channeled through traditional foundations and NGOs, and any Catholic entity. However, the moral duty to assist refugees walk here impulses of certain public authorities. So far, the only significant mobilization is the local institutions that follow the starting signal given by the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, with its record of families willing to help refugees, either providing accommodation or other forms. This has happened to them the momentum of Manuela Carmena (Madrid councilor), other municipalities and one autonomous region, mostly in the hands of the left or related groups can.

The emotion caused by the death of a child has become the hope of a better protection of refugees
Solidarity question confined to the political arena, the future of this movement depends on how many refugees want to welcome the Spanish Government, very hesitant in this matter. If previously refused to receive the few thousand refugees who asked the European Commission, hiding behind the high level of unemployment in Spain, now he says it will accept that "Resulting", just as unemployment has risen slightly more and Brussels is trying to triple the number of refugees to be distributed. Following the recent legalization of "hot returns" of migrants to Morocco, the ruling party clarifies its policy due to European pressure and to guard against possible loss of support could suffer because other institutions have beaten him.

In the end, who looks after the rights of refugees? Not their countries of origin, of course, lost in wars that last for several years. Nor do they thought few exceptions the European authorities. Paradoxically, spreading the image of the small Syrian dead child on a beach in Bodrum has been the catalyst for political change. They did not obtain data from previous tragedies, when many more children drowned in the Mediterranean cruises and other random suffocated in a refrigerated truck in Austria, no such events usually awaken some commotion. It was necessary that the image of the body on the beach Aylan electronic devices reached hundreds of millions of people to stir consciences and make it impossible for leaders like David Cameron government itself-and the Spaniard kept his known reluctance to host more refugees.

In a very tense Old Continent, where political ideas of extreme right seem uncontrollable, the emotion caused by the death of a child, captured in a place that evokes feelings of happiness and holidays, has become the hope of a better protection the rights of refugees. A heavy price if Europe does not damage all traditional values.

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