The wreck of Europe

The wreck of Europe
The EU must assume that migrants need help and act now. Yesterday in Reuters, photos of a two or three years, died on a beach in the Turkish resort of Bodrum and picked her up shortly after by a Turkish police yesterday shook every conscience of Europe and the world They waved the editors of the media and social networks. The child was part of a group of refugees fleeing the war in Syria and trying to reach the Greek island of Kos; 12 of them were killed, five of whom were minors.

The images that breaks the heart become serious problem of refugees arriving in Europe fleeing the wars in Syria and Iraq, or of migrants seeking a better life, burdened by poverty or violence. More than 300,000 people have landed on the coasts of Europe so far this year and several thousand bodies have fallen by the wayside. Until yesterday, the photos that were published were dramatic: now, the body of the creature on the sand of the beach, which this newspaper has decided not to publish its extreme crudeza- recalled that we have reached a breaking point. It is the children who suffer most from war and poverty. According to UNICEF, one third of the refugees seeking shelter in Europe are women and children and there are over two million refugees in the Syrian crisis are minors.

The tragedy, coupled with a few days ago in Austria, led the Labour MP Yvette Cooper said that "when people are drowning in trucks and bodies of children come to shore, UK has to act." In the Turkish social networking a hashtag (= kiyiyavuraninsalik), meaning "humanity crashing on the coast" emerged. A very explicit headline that shows that the EU, which was created to defend peace and solidarity and organize knew the welfare state, is unable to face the biggest problem before it; Europe is sinking against emigration.

Throughout the summer it has raised the debate in terms of security faced with solidarity. But to date, the major European leaders do not seem to have realized that it is not seeking short-term solutions erecting fences or distributing funds to those who believe shelters. The problem is much greater and requires global, structural and arriving until the following solutions. It's time to make a deep reflection on the role that the EU has to play against the millions of people looking for the promised land.

The first thing to do is to recognize this political dimension and call out the wave of migrants requires new and ambitious solutions. And there is no remedy possible if the correct diagnosis is not made. It is imperative that a summit of European leaders and not only the ministers of Interior and Justice said the next day 14- assess the situation and act as soon as possible the short and medium term, economic and geo-strategic steps to reach the causes of the problem . Europe can find its way and part of the legitimacy and global leadership lost if it is able to meet this challenge. It is the only way out.

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