The way bypasses the identity genetics

The way bypasses the identity genetics
If problematic interpret history from the key to this, much more so do with prehistory. And yet we can not help because what moves us is precisely this alhelo. The identity has always used the romanticism that has been able to reinforce the idea of ​​belonging. They have done all nationalisms, and Basque has not been an exception. The claim form, no longer a people, which history proves, but a distinct biological entity, has been supported by the magnification of distinctive features.

At one time was used for example the different prevalence of Rh negative blood group among the Basques. Indeed, 25% of the Basques have this group, compared to 15% prevalence in the rest of the peninsula, or 17% of the British Isles. What does that mean? Actually little, at least in genetic terms. If it turns out that the Rh negative is very rare in Asia or Africa and nonexistent in Australia, what it means it is that the ancestors of the current Basque separated before Australian and African ancestors of Europeans. Another way to support the identity has been to determine how long ago the Basque exist as a distinct group. He had said that there were already 30,000 years ago. After its origin dating back to the Mesolithic, about 10,000 years ago. A study just a little more narrow now that issue. Genetic analysis of the remains of eight human found in Atapuerca shows that more like those ancient people population is Basque, and were in that area of ​​Burgos 5,000 years ago.

All right. It is interesting. But what does that mean? Not much in terms of identity. The theory of biological differentiation of races was shattered when that population genetics could compare and demonstrate that there is little difference between humans, and between humans and not as close as the Basques and Spaniards, but as far as Africans and Eskimos. The work of the geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza and in the nineties showed that the coincidence is infinitely greater than the difference and genetic diversity that we observe is due to environmental conditions of the different migrations. This is what explains, for example, the difference in the gene that encodes the segregation of melanin makes dark skin against the sun, or the gene that determines a lower height in the Pygmies so they can better survive in the jungle.

This variability, which makes us so different in skin color or height, is not insignificant but from the genetic point of view. In essence, human groups are more alike than different. Cavalli-Sforza also showed that the map of genetic diversity matches that of linguistic diversity. Obvious: we mate more with those with whom we can talk. Do not go so far and not so far back to highlight differences that really matter very little. It is better to seek what unites us. We will be happier.

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