The Third Way

The Third Way
The dialogue and responsible behavior are contrary to the polarization selected by the independence leaders, who placed Catalan society to successive havoc caused to the Popular Party responds with others as strong as opposites. The polls of 27-S are about to settle a confrontation between two strategies clash: one for independence, another against it, one with the clear intention of disturbing the coexistence and constitutional order, another fruit of political opportunism and the tacticism; a clearly illegal, another crudely protected by the law, but both closed to understanding.

This dynamic goes against deep currents that have manifested in regional and municipal elections. We're not in times of unwavering defense of political projects, but in a maturation process towards more pragmatic and close to the problems of people efforts. The methods that led to polarization and struggle blocks have the rejection of the majority of Spaniards and it would be surprising that pulls the separatists and supporters of the status quo were the only thing that counted in these decisive moments.

That is why initiatives such as those promoted from the association The Third Way, which do not cease in the effort to maintain a more open clear what they stand for supporters of monolithic attitudes and irreversible space interest. In his presentation yesterday in Madrid, the presence of the secretary general of the PSOE, former leaders of this party and known experts give the extent of the intellectual power and influence can be attributed to not presenting these elections, want to prevent them from closing the doors to conversation.

Independence commit an unforgivable abuse as identified across the country with the most quiescent current of the Popular Party or the government of Mariano Rajoy, persistent refusal to negotiate political reforms. But Spain is more plural. Hence the ideas of the promoters of the Third Way are positive for the need to negotiate and more constructive than the simple and brutal "disengagement" from Spain-and hence of the European Union with the aim to convince independence their fellow citizens that await Days of Wine and Roses if embracing the cause of the nomination paper Junts Yes.

This newspaper supports all initiatives contribute to dialogue, as represented by the association The Third Way, opposite the emotionality excited secessionism and supporters not to touch the status quo. Bet on independence leads to an irreversible situation: If things go wrong and there are many possibilities that this sea-, there is no turning back. So you have to keep open the space for dialogue and understanding. Fired from the trenches of secession and of continuity, although the former is a serious violation of the law and the latter a serious political mistake, not add more results to the Catalans and the rest of the Spaniards that the prolongation of the crisis.

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