The Empathy Francisco

The Empathy Francisco
Again Pope Francisco has made an announcement that, while not change the Catholic doctrine, presents a substantially different perspective of the Church on an issue of broad and social debate on abortion as is.

Francisco against wolves
The announcement that from December 2016 to November priests, and not only the bishops, as until now may absolve women who have abortions and want to admit it, at first glance, a matter of procedure of the Catholic Church. The abortion is a legal practice, with more or less restrictions- in most countries of the world. The representative of a religion vary decide a procedure that does not have any legal consequences as is the forgiveness of sins may seem a minor issue without much significance; but in the case of the Catholic Church it is not. It is an institution of undoubted weight in the discussions that have taken place in many countries regarding the legalization or amend the laws relating to abortion. Spain, Ireland, Poland and Chile, to name a few cases, are good examples.

Bergoglio invites Catholics to a new approach to the woman decides to abort. Pope flees the condemnatory language in an exercise of empathy that surprises by its novelty. And in this sense it is good news, because in any approach such a controversial issue always welcome authoritative voices inviting to take the place of another, and not to condemn.

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