More and conspiracies

More and conspiracies
The court registration of the headquarters of Convergence, which occurred last Friday, completely changed the sign by the full Standing Committee of the Catalan Parliament which had been convened at the request of Artur Mas himself to explain the reasons for the early elections of 27-S. 

The call was a clear attempt to use Parliament as a publicity stunt scene: little interest at this point was the explanation of an advance announced eight months ago, the causes are blockbuster, which has most spoken 53 times in the Parliament itself and whose call by decree was the subject of a live broadcast by TV3.

But the record of the seat of Convergence and CatDem foundation is financed, following the investigation opened by a judge of Torredembarra for the alleged payment of commissions in exchange for awarding public works at the company Teyco, turned a full re-examination of the alleged illegal financing suspicions weighing on convergence. The Teyco case adds to the case and the case Palau Pujol, even in court.

He wielded more transparency measures promoted by his government, which are obviously no guarantee under the previous policy and practice or if even in the present. But more shocking was the attempt to hide behind the usual burladero a conspiracy theory according to which the records would be, again, a move of the state apparatus and to harm its sovereignty Catalonia candidacy. Unfortunately for But victimhood can not hide the seriousness of the new acquaintances evidence. Nor can it ignore that is an investigation conducted by a judge sitting with all the guarantees and that was initiated following a complaint by ERC in Torredembarra, party that now accompanies But in the independence bid and yesterday was a sad role comparsa.

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