Europe must have the courage to take the rescue of thousands of people seeking refuge

Europe must have the courage to take the rescue of thousands of people seeking refuge
Sadness fleeing their own home. Impotence to escape to an unknown destination. The pain of feeling that will never happen. And the anguish that hits them miserably at each border. Physical pain, anger and helplessness. A story that is repeated every second. A flight that they have not chosen. And faced with a drama that produces an unbearable choked arrogance of those determined to continue watching as different to treat with indifference rises. Migration routes do not have a single path. The ways in which each passing day millions of people, many of them fleeing a war or hunger draw a landscape of drama and pain that often lead to a tragedy in the heart of Europe or the Mediterranean Sea.

We have witnessed the death of thousands of people before our own eyes aboard a truck in Austria, in the journey to Lampedusa or in the waters of the Aegean. Tragedy strikes us every day with images that reflect the moral wreck of a continent whose principles are breaking down because of the inability and government lack of solidarity with those who, on the brink of despair, they are willing to lose their lives in their flight to freedom. Touched every scene of sorrow of those who take refuge in the open waiting for an opportunity. Of those parents who protect their children until they landed on the shore dying. They all shake our consciences, as well as the paralysis of a continent unable to articulate a humane and caring response. But tears to tears the shocking image of the small body of a child of three years appears in the sand of a beach with his brother five on the strip that separates Turkey from Lesbos.

Migration is not intermittent, they are constant. It is the most important drama facing Europe
So much pain can not continue to be addressed from the aberrant indifference on the part of those forced to find solutions to tackle a challenge that requires a common policy. We at Canary, lived for many years the drama of the constant arrival of boats, which started arriving on our shores in the mid-nineties, and whose most painful point we live with the endless arrival of canoes from the Mauritanian coast and Senegal. We will never know exactly how many perished in the very long journey that many initiated long before embarking on a flimsy boat that did not meet the right to navigate the winding waters between the west coast of Africa of our archipelago conditions. Back then, we please solidarity from other EU countries. We cry their support to manage a crisis unprecedented in a territory without means to accommodate the thousands of people each day came to the brink of death to the Canary Islands in the worst part of the tragedy of the boats. The answer was never enough. Brussels is too far to sensitize officials without sensitivity or political level to take over as its own drama tragedy is recorded in part of its territory. Today, nearly a decade later, "mankind is still crashing on the coast", and through the hashtag #kiyiyavuraninsalik after the death of small Aylan.

Migration is not intermittent, they are constant. Especially when a growing number of people fleeing their countries breakdown or economic misery. It is the most important drama facing Europe. It is today and will be tomorrow. And countries can no longer look the other way. We have the legal and humanitarian duty of care to refugees fleeing war-torn countries or are subjected to violent regimes. In this case, there is no recourse to "no alternative" or to treat them as if there waiting for it clears a problem that will not have a next order.

We strive to cope with it as if it were a cyclical issue. Europe can no longer reacting only when tragedies corpses inhabit our beaches or attend creepy choking stunned dozens of people on board a truck. Good intentions are not enough. It is time to act responsibly. Moving from a cowardly political act with courage means taking the rescue of thousands of people seeking a haven to return them hope to live in peace.

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