A sloppy football operation

A sloppy football operation
The transfer market for soccer season has soared to 566 million euros, more than double the budget of the film Titanic, one of the most expensive in history. Some operations have ended as the film James Cameron, in a sad wreck. Real Madrid yesterday had planned to deploy all their finery at the Bernabeu on the occasion of the presentation of his new star: the Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea. But preparations for the big party announced foundered. By a strange chain of blunders and bureaucratic delays, the documentation for the registration of the goalkeeper in the Professional Soccer League came later.

It was a matter of seconds. The TSM (Transfer Matching System) FIFA ceased to be operational, as was sufficiently advertised, right at twelve o'clock. And when Madrid wanted to access the system the deadline had expired and the TSM, closed the window. And besides, without the possibility of added time. The League has no plans to open an extension that allows to register the player in the family of galactic Madrid and move to Manchester Keylor Navas.

The bank has accused the Manchester club have delayed the dispatch of documentation. But there seems no possibility of reversing the mismanagement that has been on edge-and both goalkeepers their hinchadas- in recent weeks. So if nothing prevents, De Gea will continue to defend this season's goal Navas Old Trafford and the Bernabeu. There will be no exchange.

Indirect victims of bizarre episode between the two teams have been some media, which took for granted the inclusion of De Gea to Madrid before the signing was blessed by the TSM. It is true that there was a principle of strong agreement, but the company had not yet been stamped regulations and more than one sold the bear's skin before the hunt.

Keep the suspense until the last second seems to have become a specialty of Madrid. The white club downed the most time with the arrival of Sergio Ramos, Modric or Bale. The difference is that with De Gea has run offside. We'll see how the fans react. For now, the saga of goalkeepers has sparked hilarity in social networks. Mock has been the common note. In one of the photomontages that have flooded the Internet it can be stretched Navas stopping in extremis De Gea contract.

For many fans (or managers) can not be comforting, but the same error they have committed the Italian clubs Sampdoria and Napoli, who arrived in time to close the transfer of midfielder Roberto Soriano. Quick fixes are not assets of any club, but some are galactic.

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