A grave error

A grave error
The elections of September 27 will not close the tensions that are occurring around the conflict posed by independence, whatever their results, because the problem is not about a recipe the last minute. The Government should be calibrated to the requirements of respect for the law expressed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, or the legal exdirector EU, Jean-Claude Piris, are more effective against the separatists in Catalonia to take a shortcut uncertain to oppose his challenge.

If the decisions of the Constitutional really are not respected, there exists a fundamental problem. The current legislation entrusts this task to the courts, and if that route is insufficient, democracy has to solve. Nor it has to fall on deaf ears the idea that the exceptional challenge to the legality independence requires new media, at the height of political alarm created.

However, the initiative presented by the Popular Parliamentary Group for Constitutional change the law affects the quality of a democracy that we are all obliged to preserve. Caution and prudence that parties have observed not to touch the girders of the constitutional system, while there is no broad consensus, will come down as a result of this tornado outbreak in the parliamentary group.

We decades defending the need for agreements to adopt major political reforms, and it is impossible to deny that consideration of a proposal that affects the nature and functions of the Constitutional. It is important attempt to convert a foreign court to the judicial system in a body with executive capacities as others, and that change of nature is intended by way of the utmost urgency. It wants to strengthen its administrative functions and introducing citizens distrust institutions are used as the power circumstantially suit you. The immediate criticism of the PSOE leader or citizens constitute further proof that such an operation would have required a prior agreement.

Furthermore, it is by way of a parliamentary proposition, much faster processing than a bill, thus dispensing with the advice of institutions like the Council of State and the judiciary, essential if the Government had submitted a bill. The processing of what is but a parliamentary proposal is reduced to a mere formality. No less surprising that, 26 days after the vote, it is discovered that the Popular Party may end up endorsing the nationalist approach that regional elections are a referendum and therefore try to arm yourself with an arsenal of rules whose need he had not fallen before.

And resulting in the error is committed involvement PP candidate for the elections of 27-S, Xavier GarcĂ­a Albiol, in presenting the proposal, topped with clumsy expression "the joke is over." It reveals that the PP does not value the importance of good decision or boomerang calculates risk as possible discredit the ultimate interpreter of the Constitution. Use the separatist challenge for electoral needs is not itself a responsible party.

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