A Felipe Gonzalez and the Spanish

A Felipe Gonzalez and the Spanish
Independence is negative for everyone. Must be reduced to insignificance those from Spain do irresponsibly hope that the Catalans will once and those from Catalonia despise the rest of Spain. On Sunday August 30, Felipe González in the country published its article-letter Catalans. I have personal affection for him and I always appreciated her respect and attention. It is logical that we do not agree on everything. In the article itself seems surplus allusion to the German or Italian adventure of the thirties of the last century. Besides putting on a platter and allow easy criticism to focus attention on the finger and not the moon that this points out, unnecessarily hurt feelings of many, including mine. Indeed, less than a month that a member of the Government of Mas said that Spain was like the former communist Germany, and nobody complained. But the positions and ideas of former government have in Spain, Europe, Latin America and elsewhere. Hence the importance of their views on the delicate moment that lives Catalonia bet a part of it by breaking and disconnection with Spain.

The Objective perceptions of Catalonia
Therefore I propose to discuss some of their reflections from the reminder of my political genetics. The dimension of Felipe González makes it unnecessary to remember yours. I am, above any other circumstance, someone trained in the ideas of communitarian personalism. There is no nation without people. First of all I place the person, his dignity and collective sense of purpose. Since that first baseman I feel proud to have contributed modestly even minimally to the economic, political and social progress of Catalonia and Spain. A Spain that I would like in many other areas. Among others, I would like the recognition of diversity as a shared wealth, which is referred to in that article, let a real depiction of their national, cultural and linguistic diversity. Wear European project in my political guts and because of that, if I was never independence, now, every day before going, I am more aware of interdependencies to be adapted from Catalonia interconnections imposed by globalization.

Finally, and not least important, I have tried to make dialogue the main currency of politics. Felipe González speaks in his article of understanding. This is always necessary now more than ever. Dialogue, agreement and transaction. After the death of Franco, can not we were able to understand? Are we now in a worse starting position? Honestly, I think not. For years I have added my voice to what was CiU to reiterate that the Constitution of 1978 and the implementation of our first Statute, Catalonia has lived the years of greatest economic, social progress and self-government from its millennial existence. I have never regretted that vote defend and institutional framework. Have there been significant changes? Yes. Quite a few mistakes and a few others have made it possible that the situation has mutated significantly. A change in the realm of reality. And also in the perceptions often handled by feelings and not by reason.

The bombing of the moderate Catalan representing CiU is bad for Spain
I have always said that we were wrong with the new statute. We did not do well in Catalonia. It was a mistake to do only one of the Spains. Also the PSOE was wrong. Even before we seriously wrong to ensure the last term of President Pujol with the support of a PP I had an absolute majority in parliament. But the most serious mistake PP starred in his campaign against. A cluster of errors which led to the judgment of the Constitutional Court and especially the farce lived within the highest office in the wake of the political deadlock for the renewal of some of its members. But in fact, and that's what today has in the Catalan imaginary reality remains just a judgment, most have not read but has been put forward as the acid test of exclusion and break the constitutional framework.

In this respect, it is gaining strength dialectics about who left whom: the Constitution to Catalonia and Catalonia to the Constitution? This has been amplified in the past four years by laws as did Jose Ignacio Wert, recentralization processes, discrimination and unfair financing investments. Out now the sanctioning capacity to reform granting TC will not solve the underlying problem. It hurts the hearts of those who seek to hear the dialog PP candidate that the joke is over. By God, we are not in an old west saloon awaiting more who raises his voice! So I can not remain indifferent when I read the article by Gonzalez praise of those who practice the immobilism which he denounces go to court and presenting resources knowing that the policy is not to blow or interlocutory decisions.

The road is to agreed reforms to ensure their peculiarities
In his letter-paper, the former prime minister warns of the risks and costs of independence. It should be made clear, contrary to arguments put forward by those who, instrumentalizing unity or secession, only recognized adverse effects on the others that independence is negative for everyone. For Catalonia? Yes. Why Spain? Of course, too! And for the European Union! I took three years claiming the attention of the Prime Minister in Parliament warning that reach the Unilateral Declaration of Independence. This will not have legal effects on the European and international framework, but economic and social consequences for all. Or does the rise in risk premium affects only the Catalans? All Spanish dialogue should demand their leaders, which is what Felipe González called understanding. A few months ago the separatists applauded a declaration by the Danish Parliament of Catalonia. Simply it urged the Government of Catalonia and the state to democratically discuss and reach agreement. That and only that is the way: to reach agreed reforms to ensure their peculiarities.

Felipe Gonzalez does not believe in breaking Spain. Nor do I believe that Catalonia is broken. But I worry about the torn over and over. And to occur between them. We should pull over a critical mass to insignificance from Spain who irresponsibly do hope that the Catalans will once and those from Catalonia, despise the other. The bombing of the moderate Catalan Convergence and Union representing is bad news for Spain. Therefore, some, against all odds, try to reduce as much as possible the scope of orphanhood.

Unfortunately, confront Catalonia with Spain or Catalonia gives this electoral gains. I see only one way forward, and is overcoming ignorance in this debate. E ignorance is not knowing or not knowing things: ignorance that allows these revenues is not know or want to know those things. A Felipe González and all the Spanish incumbent end it.

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