The Catalan Dilematic

The Catalan Dilematic
The Junts pel Yes proposal, that strange united only by opposition to Spain coalition may be the beginning of true "dead end" for Catalonia. Breaking the law, no one is obliged to obey the law will negotiate nothing. Almost two decades left the presidency of the Government of Spain ago. I have no institutional or party responsibilities. I recovered the simple citizen status, but at all times committed to our common destiny. That commitment to Spain, public space that we share for centuries, I turn to the citizens of Catalonia to avoid getting carried away an illegal and irresponsible adventure that threatens the coexistence between Catalan and between them and the other Spanish.

I've always felt gratitude for your permanent and overwhelming support for the task of government. Always, even when this support was declining in the rest of Spain. And thanks to this tune I could proudly represent you, like all Spaniards, in Europe, in Latin America and the world. With your confidence we have progressed together for many years, overcoming the heavy legacy of dictatorship, strengthening freedom, laying the foundations of the welfare society and recognizing as never before in history, the identity of Catalonia and their right to self-government .

I believe and I think we're much better together than faced: recognizing diversity as a shared wealth and not as a source of division between us. For me, Spain would cease to be without Catalonia, and Catalonia would not be what it is separate and isolated. The idea of ​​"disconnect" from Spain, as proposed Artur Mas, in a strange and crazy face of rejection and break the law, would have consequences that should all:

I believe and I think we're much better together than facing
- Would disconnect a substantial part of Catalan society, fracturing dramatically. And feels that fracture in coexistence, and begin to hear voices of opposition to those who have Catalan "pedigree". These Catalonian citizens today feel overwhelmed because you are limiting their freedom to express their rejection of this adventure, because you deny or restrict its identity -catalana Spanish- and living as wealth itself and not as a contradiction.

- Would disconnect from the rest of Spain, breaking the Constitution, and therefore the statute that guarantees the self-government and the secular coexistence in this public space that we share. On the edge of madness, beginning to offer citizenship to Aragonese Catalan, Valencian, Balearic and French south. We have spent periods of repression of differences, feelings of belonging, of language, but for nearly four decades, with the return of Tarradellas, we enter a new era of recognition of diversity and construction of self-government most comprehensive ever been in Catalonia.

- Europe would disconnect, isolating Catalonia in an adventure without purpose or benefit to anyone. Can you imagine a European Council meeting of 150 or 200 members in the already difficult governance of the Union? Because that would result from the decomposition of the structure of the 28 nation states that make up the EU. Can you imagine the French government giving up some of its territory to meet this new irredentism? Nobody seriously be given to this in Europe, less than anyone, Spain, who both struggled to sit up and take part in European integration, as it is, with its diversity and, of course, with the full support of Catalonia.

- Would disconnect the Latin American dimension (both value and importance is for all) and especially in Catalonia because this link is through Spain as a nation state and the language they share with 500 million people-Castilian, as you know well the largest publishers in this language, which are in Barcelona.

The tear in the coexistence that causes Mas Adventure affect our future
Naturally they claim otherwise: "We just want to disconnect from Spain". What Spain? Does that also excludes Aragon, Valencia and the Balearic Islands? Those responsible for the proposal know what I'm saying is the truth, if that "de-purpose" might be fulfilled. Actually try to take you, citizens of Catalonia, the real "dead end" that speaks in a strange "Freudian slip".

We live in a connected society in history. The technological revolution means "connection", "interconnection", the opposite of "disengagement". Every day is greater interdependence among us: Spanish of all identities, European Union between 28 nation states, more than 20 Latin American countries, not to mention our southern neighbors or the rest of the world. Ask their enterprises, which create wealth and employment for this disconnect.

The proposal does this strange coalition united only by opposition to Spain, whatever the result of the falsified election, may be the beginning of true "dead end". How can you want to take the Catalan people to isolation, a kind of Albania the XXI century? Mr. Mas tricks independence and those who believe that the right to decide on the public space that we share as a nation state can be split arbitrarily and illegally, or that's the way to negotiate harder. Makes the same mistake that Tsipras in Greece, but outlaws and more serious results.

What happened when the Greeks set a query to reject the offer of the European Union and "negotiate harder"? After more than 60% of Greeks believe, Tsipras accepted much worse than those who had rejected in a referendum, arguing that they knew beforehand that they had no other exit conditions. Did you know that there was another way out and deceived the citizens?

How is it possible to be converted to Catalonia in a kind of Albania of the XXI century?
You can believe me. They will not succeed in breaking the law, sit at a negotiating table to anyone who has the duty to respect and enforce it. No responsible may allow a policy of fait accompli, and less breaking the law, because adventures invite others to the contrary. All would risk what has been achieved and the possibility of dialogue and move forward with reforms.

That's what we need: agreed reforms to ensure their peculiarities without breaking or the basic equality of citizens and the sovereignty of all to decide our common future. We do not need more liquidators in our history that propose coexistence and break the rules with falsely democratic approaches.

If the reform of the Catalan electoral law could not be approved because it does not give the qualified majority provided for in the Statute, how you can pose serious settlement of the Statute and the Constitution that was legitimate, if a deputy is obtained more in that single list of rejection? How the president of the Generalitat is in fourth place, as if he needed a praetorian guard to violate the law?

It is as close to the German or Italian adventure of the thirties of the last century. But it costs so express respect for the tradition of coexistence of Catalonia. The Lord doth know that from the moment that defaults on its obligation as president of the Government and as the first representative of the State in Catalonia, is violating its promise to comply with and enforce the law. It is placed outside the law waives represent all Catalan and loses democratic legitimacy in the exercise of their functions.

I do not agree with the inaction of the Government of the nation, closed to dialogue and reform, or with unnecessary appeals to the Constitutional Court. But this conviction, that narrows the room for maneuver of those who wish to advance on the path of understanding, I can not take a position of equidistance between those who abide by the law and those trying to break it.

I do not think Spain is going to break, because I know that's not going to happen, whatever the election result. I think the coexistence tear caused by this affair will affect our future and that of our children and try to help stop it. I know that in the confrontation lose all. In the understanding we can move forward and solve our problems.

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