Stephen Hawking leaves the black hole?

Stephen Hawking leaves the black hole
Physical forms a hypothesis by which the two great theories of modern science would cease to be incompatible. No mystic poet has achieved so strange to imagine a world like that presents modern physics, time and space expanding and forming ripples with energy becoming mass and vice versa and a microscopic level where quantum mechanics governs the mysterious and human intuition becomes as useless as a superstition. The difference with mystical poetry is that physical work. General relativity, which governs the world of the very large, and quantum mechanics, headed by the very small, are two mathematical theories huge success and strength, who have overcome the confrontation with the real world with lots of decimal . Why it is so tedious that the two theories are mutually incompatible.

And that is why as interesting black holes. They are so massive they must come under the jurisdiction of general relativity-indeed, were discovered as a prediction of Einstein's equations, and yet are so small that they must conform to the requirements of quantum theory. Physicists like Stephen Hawking's considered a promising window to a broader theory where the two great theories of modern science are no longer incompatible. And because they have become the protagonists of a Hollywood blockbuster, Interstellar, which has had the thorough advice of a great friend of Hawking, the theoretical physicist Kip Thorne.

Lay know Stephen Hawking for his activism on political and social issues, where he is always willing to put his voice -sint├ętica- serving causes such as nuclear disarmament and the fight against superstition and irrationality. But the physical also plays the provocative role before his colleagues, pushing his attention to controversial theories and promoting -through bets if necessary-intellectual debate within the profession. His last speech in Stockholm on Monday, did not disappoint expectations.

Following in the footsteps of previous physicists, Hawking now proposes that falls into a black hole does not disappear in the strict sense: your information is stored in the "surface" of the hole, but two-dimensionally intact. The surface of a black hole is its "event horizon", the area within which the warping of space and time reaches such magnitude that nothing, not even light, can escape it. But, although it can not escape the surface, the information itself can be stored on it. Hawking admits that in any case there is no way to recover it from there into useful form, but is willing to entertain the idea that it may reappear in a parallel universe. That equals that some mystical poet.

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