Salma Hayek: "I'm over-Mami, overwhelming and broody"

Fantasy Film "The Tale of Tales": Grimme Stories - Phot by Concorde
A Sex Symbol, feminist and now aggressive mother in "The Tale of Tales": Salma Hayek is one of the most idiosyncratic Hollywood personalities. In this interview she talks frankly about female power and powerlessness. Salma Hayek was born in 1966 as the daughter of a product originating in Lebanon oil manager and a Mexican opera singer. The telenovela "Teresa" she became the TV star, in 1995 she succeeded on the side of Antonio Banderas in "Desperados" the breakthrough in Hollywood. For the fight against domestic violence, she founded a foundation.

Hayek: Because you might be right. And that's what it was, of course, what attracted me, as the director Matteo Garrone me phoned me the role in "The Tale of Tales" was offering. I knew his film "Gomorrah" and did not have to be persuaded long.

Hayek: Not in this case. Matteo has fascinated me how rare a director before. That's why it made me not care about taking one or the other strain on me. Matteo the most difficult locations picked out at all. Since it came before me, that I had to climb a mountain somewhere in Sicily in full regalia at Queens a few ropes.

Hayek: Not with this director and this story. Besides, I am in this respect anyway the Incarnate cliché. In my Lebanese, Spanish and Mexican blood flows - and in fact I'm a super-mom, overwhelming and broody. My daughter is the confirm that it's uncomfortable, that I prefer to take five times in the arm in front of the school entrance each morning. Said only one side of my personality is yes. I am nonetheless thoroughly well feminist.

Hayek: I'm fighting for the right of women to find their own voice. Women should not only try to survive in a system that was created by another and we get very little access. I think women have few opportunities to improve humanity, if one would even give us the platform and invite to participate at heart. I am convinced that greater equality, the men would benefit. But where to open their eyes and move them to rethink, is damn hard. They lack nothing.

Hayek: And the absolute deal. In Hollywood it's nowhere near yet so far, such as in Europe. From equal pay or equal opportunities Job out of the question may be in my job in front and behind the camera. And that of women, different standards are applied when it comes to appearance and aging, white anyway everyone.

Hayek: The fact that I'm a feminist? Yeah, sure. I decide in my work, although more by instinct than with his head. But is indeed feminist. In particular, I am attracted to films that tell the audience no opinion. Unfortunately, these are often films that many spectators - do not like - just in the US. Because today we are accustomed to it, that you vorkaut us what we think, or should feel. Similarly reluctant audiences really only strong women looks.

Hayek: Without question. Not only in Hollywood, even in everyday life. What do you mean, how many times was called after me earlier on the street: Hau but from in your home! I could fill a book with such experiences.

Hayek: Not necessarily. I had to listen many times that I actually could be a big star with my looks, but unfortunately was born in the wrong country. Or that you can not give me a role, because the audience would think of her cleaning ladies because of my accent. Look nevertheless times on the list of films in which I participated. No coincidence that the leading roles are there in the minority and I was more than once merely the bombshell on the edge.

Hayek: Yes, I have not done, because the produce would be fun to me. The job is a nightmare! But the final product - this film, this role - was just my big dream. I have fought for eight years. Of course I had the film can provide on its feet quickly, but I refused to accept compromises. I have regretted it for a minute. Only after that has changed in my position in Hollywood little.

Hayek: Partly certainly. When I started about ten years ago, for example, a strong tie to the television series "Ugly Betty," which was a rarity. A Latina actress in the lead role, and the prime-time? Were there not until then. When I turn on the TV today, I see at least a few more faces that are not just white. But we must be satisfied with this so far. That's why I keep fighting, as a woman and as a Latina.

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