New Pumuckl illustration: Dwarf on forced diet

Reprint: The thin PumucklFotos - January Sa├če / Cosmos
Childhood hero without belly: In a rematch of the classic little goblin appears without its typical pot belly. Many no longer see this as the Pumuckl they know. What was the most sympathetic, when the red-haired, barefooted Kobold stretched and the yellow shirt released the view of his little pot belly. So you knew and loved the cheeky Pumuckl - but for a new book, the cartoon character has undergone a slimming. Significantly narrower and not as childish the goblin now acts.

The reason for the new edition, which will be released on September 11 in Stuttgart Kosmos-Verlag, are the 95th birthday of Pumuckl inventor Ellis Kaut on November 17 and the appearance of the first Pumuckl book 50 years ago. Pumuckl should be modern with the new edition, as a company spokesperson said. The text remains the old.
Children should the body mass index of Pumuckl probably not care, as long as they can enjoy his adventures. But many adults who have grown up with the rounded Kobold, not willing to admit the new optics.

"Oh great, a leprechaun is now a hungry model off the runway," wrote a user on a Twitter. In another comment states: "My childhood hero just has a little belly." Blogger Julia Probst is: "The new Pumuckl is atrocious." A user speaks disparagingly of the "Hipsterisierung of Pumuckls". Tenor Give the Pumuckl his belly back.

Bug # still bring back tummies become a Trending Topic developed or whether soon even the first petition is started in favor of a thick Pumuckls remains to be seen.

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