Dress Code at Hamburg High School: No panties, please

Dress Code at Hamburg High School: No panties, please
Too much skin? A young woman in shorts in Berlin. The dress code is entitled "What we do not want to see": A Catholic school in Hamburg henceforth prohibits bare bellies and tight pants. A similar ban recently a school am Neckar had already attracted attention.

Now the Catholic Sophie Barat School in Hamburg before going against revealing clothing in the classroom. The upperclassmen from teachers, parents and students have adopted a dress code for students and staff of the school for the new school year the majority, said the Catholic School Association Hamburg on Friday. Previously, the "Hamburger Abendblatt" was reported.

Under the heading "What we do not want to see" are listed in the Dress Code: "Breast approach, abdominal freedom, underwear / underpants, too much thigh." Too revealing and sloppy wardrobe could cause negative feelings on teachers, but also on students side, they say. At the Sophie Barat School it is about mutual respect and tolerance. "This approach is underlined by the clothes."
With a ban on Hotpants a school from Horb had recently been advised am Neckar in Baden-W├╝rttemberg in the headlines. This week it was announced that the event will be immortalized in the Bonn House of History. Exhibits include among others a letter to his parents from Horb and a white T-shirt that should cover inappropriate clothing.

He fears not that the new dress code in Hamburg also landing in the House of History, said the spokesman of the Catholic School Association, Christoph Schommer. Unlike in Horb there at the Hamburg School no white T-shirts for concealment. "The teacher then refer only friendly to the school rules and ask to appear with the appropriate clothing the next day to class."

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