"99 percent sure": Poland preservationists holds existence of Nazi train for proven

Rails in Walbrzych: Poland verified report on Nazi train underground - DPA
Was in Lower Silesia really an armored Nazi train from the Nazi period found? In the opinion of Poland's top Georadarbildern preservationists Piotr Zuchowski are "99 percent sure". The Polish preservationists Piotr Zuchowski is located "99 percent" sure that the area around Walbrzych actually an armored Nazi train was found. "I've seen the Georadarbilder, and looks indeed like a tank platoon," he said in Warsaw told journalists. For the avoidance of any doubt, the train must first be brought to light. The first steps to secure the locality were introduced, now needs to be found especially if there during excavations explosion.

A German and a Pole had reported a week ago about a lawyer of the Fund and submitted to the Georadaraufnahme .. For the publication of information about the exact location they demanded a reward - and initially appealed to the authorities in the nearest city Walbrzych (Waldenburg) in Lower Silesia. The city had passed the case to Warsaw. The reports about the alleged Fund heated in Poland to the rumors of a Nazi train full of gold and jewelry that will be gone by the end of World War II in the region. For this legend but there is no proof.

Man knew nothing about the contents of the train, Zuchowski said now, it could be but "treasures of art, archives" are in it. On Thursday he had warned would-be treasure hunters before clandestine excavations since the presumably hidden in an underground tunnel train could be mined. On Friday police were patrolling along the railway line between Walbrzych and Wroclaw (Wroclaw).

Near Walbrzych there are a whole series of underground tunnels that could build the Nazis. Part of the tunnel is accessible for tourists today. However, the tunnel system also attracts many treasure hunters.

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