Seventeen Wolf males in Denmark: mystery clarified

Seventeen Wolf males in Denmark: mystery clarified
Wolf Site reported on the genetic detection of seventeen wolves, all males, in the last two years in Denmark. An enigmatic story. How and where should there be gone? Now the mystery is resolved. The key figure is Piotr. When it took up the police in the Hamburg harbor area, had the poor guy a journey through half of Asia and across Europe behind. But he was not sure where he was. He had made a typing error on his Navi.

The story begins somewhere in Poland. Since a lot of money it was promised when he in - yeah, There's a lot going on in a country "with rear stan" he stated during interrogation, Kyr- or contrast, or Kazakhstan, so as accurately he did not know that, but he did so in the cattle truck, which you have given him, had such a device, as it did from a list typed what and had then arrived always right, so if he "... stan" a charge accept in and manage to Denmark. He did, yes.

What had that been because for a charge? Dogs were the. The policeman tapped his forehead and put Piotr first in a cell to Sobering up. But one searched the internet for "Piotr" and came across a note that made him suspicious. However, not under "Piotr."

As should but fewer than seventeen wolves, all males, have been confirmed in Denmark anyway, no one had a reasonable explanation for where that might have come. The officer turned officials quickly Piotr!

Upon further investigation it was learned that one also in Gelnhausen already racked their brains over what should be for wolves that had shown up in Denmark. In Gelnhausen the Senckenberg Institute is established, which makes genetic studies on the wolves. It was learned that the origin of the Danish wolves could not be clarified. And anyway: loud dogs!

So you took Piotr again in prayer (as they say in Guantanamo), and because they got enough to hear to turn the diplomatic service. Finally got out that Piotr had no dogs transported, but wolves. But very special.

There were excess animals from a breeding program that had been left to an eager prospects from Germany for NEN Appel and 'n egg. Lauter males, because you, have enough males for the production of wolves, which are breeding in Germany and other Western countries for years.

But why then the detour via Denmark?

Behind this is an ingenious plan: The males, it was thought, would sexually frustrated - no girls! - Trying added elsewhere. If you look at a map, so understands the plan: If you do not want to drown, they can only to Germany. And there, the plan, they will get involved with German consent she-wolves and put the genetics of Senckenberg really upside down.

And then they are all there with their notions of genetic identity and so on. Will quickly realize that it's best to shoot down anything that looks like a wolf.

Ingenious plan, one must admit. Piquant this: That was just plan B. born out of necessity.

Plan A had provided Denmark to flood with males and bitches to let seep out the annual surplus to Germany. But the wildlife biologist who had been ordered to assess the wolves after ... .Stan themselves knew indeed excellent with wild sheep, but not with wolves. And wild sheep dogs - sorry: Hammel - have a particularly distinctive feature: eggs as large as knuckleheads. Not wolves. So you can be fooled. By Ulrich Wotschikowsky

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