People with multiple souls

People with multiple souls
People with multiple souls or soul shares? At the present time is in particular to bring back its own energy fragments and energetic "bits" that belong to other let go.

This can be done easily and quickly with the appropriate exercises and so we can be safe and quite the spiritual and energetic sense always complete.
If you're a member of Crystal consciousness, then here you are plenty of options available to retrieve your energy shares. What surprises me is a phenomenon, which I still encounter both in my individual coaching as well as the system places: people who seem to have more souls or soul parts.

An old proverb says:
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Surprised, I am therefore, as I had in the first year of the new age (that's so 2013) probably expect a change in this phenomenon It almost seems as if the persons concerned clung almost to the additional soul or the relevant parts of the soul. When talking with these people, so many of them seem to be downright proud and happy to have one or more other "souls" to himself and to emphasize the benefits of this "alliance".

Since it is hardly worth contradicting, because when a person lives with multiple souls or soul shares, so this too has its reasons. In this post I want the background (that I know) look a little closer on this issue, because the issue is still in 2015 and the years to come valid.

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