Keeping promises, or be free of promise?

Keeping promises, or be free of promise?
Should we keep a promise or not? Is that still relevant? Or is it "sin" to break a promise made? These questions seem presently emerge in the perception among many people. It is said that the Aborigines (the aborigines of Australia) believe that every promise a part of one's soul is given away.

Also I experience again and again in seminars or individual coaching sessions:
Every promise that we provide or have ever been, taking away our freedom, binds us to that which we have promised. That does not fit now so pure in the time that lies ahead of us, because it is about "de-binding" and not binding.

So what to do? Keep or break promises?
With this post I want you, if you wonder whether keeping promises is always the best solution, give some suggestions in an attempt to be more easily free from promise can. An awakening consciousness gives you the guidance in your life back. This email course you will, for a year, can awaken your consciousness. Effective Power codes make this possible!
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Keeping promises at a soul level
Since people hinder seemingly for no reason, do not come from the spot and all "attempts" to change anything, come to nothing. When this "phenomenon" emerges in a person's life, it is worth looking at the soul level. In this area indicate at the moment particularly many bonds and entanglements - soul promise Seelenschw├╝re and similar "permanent ties" seem to want to be now redeemed strengthened. But the ego wants to keep promises, even if it suffers from the promise.

Promise of the ancestor fields
In this area, the old ties come to light. It's enough, when the great-grandfather swore the German Empire for all eternity loyalty and obedience promised, or a friend, for his family to be there and to supply them. Also promise to the dying are a true perennial namely through generations. Keeping promises - that's for a lot of people on top of that honor.

Keep or dissolve promise
First of all, this is a conscious decision that arises from the recognition that bonds of all kinds are no longer required today, and it was never really.

As a small repetition:
It is said that the Aborigines (the aborigines of Australia) believe that every promise a part of one's soul is given away. As every promise to a people, a part of our energy can stay there, we are, the more promises we have so promised over time, always incomplete and always empty.

In the book by Robert Scheinfeld Get out of the money game, there are several good practices to take back its power from the so-called templates. These exercises can be done also with other people, namely the people who have been made a promise.

Crystal consciousness members find in the members area an exercise (Exercise 3 of 7 major exercises to good to get through the time of Christ) in order to recoup their energies from the promise. A nice guide for resolving soul promise there is. Of course, this can also "normal" promises to be resolved. Keeping promises - make a promise - maybe it's time for us to take back the promise.

Be free of promise
It's a pretty good idea to promise anything more in the present time. A promise binds you and it prevents you from completely in the moment, the moment to arrive. So my suggestion, the "keeping promises" with the letting is - and you of existing "contracts" (ie promise in a certain extent) to solve.

We do this even when the power codes waking awareness and some participants have emailed me impressive feedback regarding the liberating effect of dissolved promise. That's nice to read how "to fulfill promises" instead of "keeping promises" a better idea seems to be. I wish you much fun with a life devoid of promise - it will increase the ease pretty!

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