It's hotter? What the..

It's hotter? WTF
Wow! This author wanted to publish the greatest blog post on sites with viral content, but what happened next was incredible !! "16 Earth Porn Pics Hotter Than Global Warming" - with this crisp headline sends a Mashable article into the race, in which really is as good as nothing. There are only 16 said images that are unquestionably great to watch, but otherwise serve no deeper purpose - except perhaps to show us where Mashable has now arrived. We're talking about the page, in addition to TechCrunch the Internet at that time was perhaps my most important news source, when I started in 2008 to blogging.

Today great product on the web, social media or hardware are rather the exception at Mashable. Instead the focus on top-lists, posting viral videos and similar jokes. So try those responsible, even today to keep pace with sites like Viral Nova, BuzzFeed, Upworthy and the rest of them. To pack pages that specialize in viral content in appetizing snacks and to encourage us consumers to these contents as possible continue to sharen on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and thus to generate new visitors.

Seemingly gone are the days in which one the network stumbled upon nice finds and presented it to his people the social network of their choice. Instead, you get everything on the above pages, which go to the same other and all or to readers in the same way audience-catcher in its own way as an egg.

As is thrown with superlatives in the headlines around, appeals to our emotions and the content short and simple - often just a video or a handful of pictures - prepared for us. I do not want to go into how or why do these contributions in detail. Explained indeed basically self: Fluffy baby animals, amusing children, stupid people with even sillier Fails, dramatic images from war zones or - as above at Mashable - Just a couple of landscapes: These things work somehow always and be shared accordingly,

For me, this is a double-edged story has become so now we as a blogger here at have not only their own tech bubble in the view, but also get beyond the technology-disk rim much content on the net with, where I just often also have the desire to leave for example, my Facebook friends to participate on it. On the one hand I myself like to share ie content, on the other hand disgust me several pages downright, whose business model consists of nothing other than people to sharen animate and re-send a new click over cattle.

That to me is all legitimate if the contents bring a certain quality with it. In contrast, sites like me is - sorry for the choice of words - the puke already up to my neck when I've only read the headline. Lest best there just once over the headlines and you'll probably know what I'm getting.

These sites are mushrooming out of the ground and fill in with its content Facebook and clear so actually that the writing guild so makes her thoughts why this really works so and as one might even can swim along on the wave. Meedia has led the way today with his top 10 tips for viral posts.

Clear - this is apparently intended as a satire on just such posts. Unfortunately, however, the post is actually turns out to be a guide for such posts, only disguised as Verarschung this viral scam. Point by point are aufgebröselt the elements with which you can lure the reader with ease. Fits to t3n has today published an article that goes in the same direction, albeit wrapped in a little more scientific garb.

After the two posts have gone online today, and we in mind nor a The Verge article yesterday had the same thrust, we had - right after a short Facepalm moment - even spontaneously the idea of ​​writing an article, the aggregate the Tips for your viral world fame aggregated again - only to still drive the number bit to the extreme. For those who find now disappointed that there is no Top 5 in this article - sorry!

The question that is presented to us: Why written one such Viral lists at all or to whom one turns it? If you want to thus encourage people to create new platforms and to share all this a thousand times shared videos again? I hope not even! If you have the feeling that you should urgently go with your own Viral Nova BuzzFeed-whatever-Copycat at the start - here sufficient contributions and suggestions in the article linked yes. Will you, however, just read a good contribution, who pursues this phenomenon on a very factual level, then I set before you this article from January estimated Tissler warmly.

In Jan's post I have also picked up that one should write concisely either short or even detailed comments. I move here just to 800 words-brand, had so apparently opted for the longer version. And yes - we are of course aware that we still one step shimmy us with a review of contributions, analyzing the viral posts higher on the meta-level up. We can not change much with such a contribution probably. We will in any case our rail so go on here as far: With a mix of tech news on the one hand and real unique content on the other side - every now and then, of course, with the bigger picture. Keep your fingers crossed that we will continue to have success with this mixture and not have to resort to monkey peeing himself in the mouth or on click tracks with Russia's 20 ugliest wedding photos!

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