Gratitude is different: for Refugees calls home, job and education for the children

Gratitude is different: for Refugees calls home, job and education for the children
A 42-year-old Palestinian Ehab Abdellatif was the end of June with his pregnant wife and three young children on Italy to Germany. In Germany arrived, it was only from Munich to Sonthofen and continue on Thursday in the district Altötting. There he also got the same for himself and his family own, self-contained apartment in Marienberg. But that did not fit the engineer who earned his living mainly in the oil segment, and in his home was better used. Too far off the beaten track, the middle of nowhere? He could not expect his pregnant wife! What if the baby comes?

He decided to protest for a better place to stay and went to the police station Burghauser to complain. An apartment or a house, which is possible in the city, or at least in the city, which should be possible? Or?

Once there, he made his anger, but no one heard him. Worse ... he was treated there bad! Not go to the bathroom, he was allowed to go and his family had to wait outside in the open.

The local newspaper wrote:
He had been surprised at the initial consultation, says Ehab. Surprised and shocked. Far away from the city, no shops, to the hilltop location and a room on the second floor - "how will that work for my pregnant wife," he asks, and tells of his fear that they like already in 2014 losing a baby in the womb could.

His objection that the apartment is not suitable, had been easily dismissed, says Ehab. Without further ado, he marched so on Thursday to Burghauser Polizeiinspektion to complain. But it also there was only mistreated. He had to wait outside and the night with his wife and children eventually have to spend time outdoors, have not been allowed to go to the bathroom and was otherwise treated like a second class citizen.

Looks very different version of the police and the district office. Again and again we have offered to the man and his family to drive them back to Marienberg, says director Georg Nieß inspection. Also, you have again and again tried to persuade her to stay the night in the inspection. Helpers have food organized, and employees of the district office were immediately on the spot, and as regards the allegedly refused toileting says Nieß: "That's not true. He even let his sunglasses lying there. "While the Palestinians was never aggressive or even abusive become, but he did both in the evening and during the night refused to cooperate, instead a home for himself and his family and with his wife and demanded in tow protest not leave children the forecourt of the inspection.

Of course, the values ​​Mr. Abdellatif is a special case! He asked not to be confused with other asylum seekers in a pot. He has something better and not realizes that waiting a few thousand applications for asylum in front of him and want to edit. So difficult is it not going to be, after all, he demanded "no Villa", but only a future for himself and his family, education for the children, a job and peace. In addition, Germany is looking for professionals like him yes. There's something has to be to make? So demanding Mr. Abdellatif is not yet.

Visibly irritated the district administration finally bowing to and provides the family a second apartment, 80 square meters and right in the lively Emmerting. But that does not fit the engineer Lord:

"Why always so far away from the cities" asks Ehab. Thus the bow is spanned. "You can look for Emmerting or it goes back to Munich", provides him Sparck before the election. "If you want, then just to Munich", Ehab answers his stunned opponent, while he shakes his head himself.

Well, so can's go! If such people are enough little finger, they tear a faster from the arm as you can see ...

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