Electra complex and roles of mother and daughter

Electra complex and roles of mother and daughter
Electra complex? Sound familiar? Lately I experience in my individual coaching sessions every now and then the interesting phenomenon that is called Electra complex and may have some serious consequences for the daughter of a family.

If this still is a complete reversal of roles of daughter and mother, then the subsidiary has created a life full of stress, severity and victimhood. A private, self-determined, life is thus becoming less possible.

An old proverb says: An awakening awareness causes you get off all controls unconscious! An awakening consciousness gives you the guidance in your life back. This email course you will, for a year, can awaken your consciousness. Effective Power codes make this possible! Find out everything! As a private, self-determined, life is but demanded by the time and energy our soul intentions more clearly, life is a complex Elektra not only generally a burden, but now leads, on the threshold of the new time to other challenges.

Electra complex
Let first time Wikipedia have their say and clarify what the Electra complex "officially" means.

Quote Wikipedia:
The Electra complex is the technical term for the female psychology analogy of the Oedipus complex, that is, the strong binding of a female person to the father while hostility towards the mother. The name derives from the Greek mythical figure Elektra, who wanted to avenge the murder of her father Agamemnon and her brother Orestes instigated the murder of her mother Clytemnestra and her stepfather Aegisthus.

I think with a few systemic explanations the theme is catchy. Seen systemically, each family member has its place in the family system and the related are certain "tasks". Now, if a mother, for example, emotionally, not for the family there (mind you unknowingly), then this can lead to an adolescent daughter takes over the mother's place to keep the family system alive. When the daughter then gradually coming towards puberty, then the acquisition of the parent course go so far that they will replace the father and the wife (still unconsciously).

This "confusion" created not only an over-emotional attachment of the daughter to the father, it is also produced a strong conflict with the mother.

Role Reversal daughter and mother
Possibly the daughter takes over all aspects of the mother position and thus will never be on their own position. Unconsciously, the daughter sacrifices so for the entire system and here the ground for many a drama arises.

The life of the daughter may not be difficult, stressful and loaded - the daughter is then hardly be yourself and thus never know the feeling of running their own full life. This in turn leads to the question of the usefulness of their own lives.

What to do?
I have no experience, if you can solve such issues with Richard Bartlett's Matrix Energetics. In any case, here's system places so family Introduce appropriate. Even virtual family constellations, in the context of trance sessions are helpful. And my system knock DOCS, which it indeed in a special "ancestral variant" are, can help.

The most important thing in any case is to watch yourself to see if you go into resonance with this topic. As can be seen above the Wikipedia quote, there is the theme for men, then an over-emotional relationship with the mother because, perhaps even leading to the reversal of roles between father and son.

The "Stupid" on these issues is that they are just for an invisible and lie on the other sometimes very deep. And now they come just strengthened up. By the way, those issues then put in the family to set up self (group of family), often continuing. So it does not matter where you look, whether in the family system as their parents or in your own family.

So, now the question is answered. Here is a contribution to the Oedipus complex, the takeover of the father's role, through the Son. If you're a member of this blog awareness and have any further questions on this subject, I am at your disposal. Please log in to the members area simply and imagine your question there.

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