Children have to take into containers, school is needed for refugees

Children have to take into containers, school is needed for refugees
Residential containers that my contribution "Euskirchen: children have to take into containers, school is needed for refugees" not well received by all readers, I realized. This is normal and it I have become accustomed. That there but also people out there who make it a kind of "right of reply" and say that I would falsehoods and lies spread, I find just ridiculous! To me, for example, raises the blog before, I would have the readers withheld important facts to guide users aware astray. For those who are interested: mimikama is an international coordination center for combating Internet abuse and a focal point for Internet users who wish to report suspicious Internet content.

With screenshots that (for what?) Will probably serve as evidence, the author tries to dissect the article and and reporting to me:

In the report of the future child is just again a Hetzbericht of its readers fundamentally important facts withholds.

With the underground remark at the end, you want to spread panic and fear only again.

"Future child" silent targeted the school which can be up to the new premises based as new refugee camp is only a temporary solution was.

First of all, we should be called children future and not the future child, so this is cleared out!

Among the allegations: What could have put it, if I had written it? Where is the problem? Does it matter? No, it does not matter, because it happens to be a fact that the children had already move in the container, rather than as planned, until August 2016. If, after all not the first time that someone is thrown out of his apartment To make room for refugees.

... It continues:

In addition, the containers are better equipped than the old school building and at the same time is also wheelchair accessible.

So as I read from the article in the Kölner Stadt Anzeiger out the new Kita is "accessible" to the mean

If you, dear Manuel, would often times information outside of MSM, then you would understand the meaning and purpose of the article. Above all, you would then perhaps understand why some people sick and tired and have no desire to have more fully in the government-mandated welcoming culture.

Politicians and the media are trying us for months the story of the shortage of skilled workers and the poor, persecuted, traumatized refugees, which we need to help unconditionally course, untie. We are images shown, with women carrying a crying child in her arms. Add to that a heartbreaking story and you've got the pig in a poke! The purpose of this whole (false) campaign is, it should evoke in us compassion and guilt. Unfortunately, the reality is often quite different! Take a look at even a few videos of refugees from Lampedusa on YouTube. What do you see there? In the boats for the most part are only young, strong men ... or see here in this picture (screenshot) somewhere a woman or a child?

The municipalities often do not know what they are getting refugees. Many expect it to come families with children, but then suddenly come almost exclusively young men! Timely information for citizens? Wrong! You just get a few refugees from the nose set and is still excited about the fact that people go to the barricades and demonstrate against a planned accommodation, especially if the refugees are then also placed in the vicinity of schools and kindergartens ,

Of course we do not want to lump all refugees with the same brush. A majority of these people really need our help, but unfortunately, sometimes you have to think outside the box and to address things that are not so nice. For there are always (and, unfortunately, increasingly common) reports that refugees children or young women accosted, insulted and even sexually molesting! I can only say: Pour Rödgen and Heidelberg, to name just two examples.

But I would like to come back to the actual subject back: In my article, you're so devotedly plucked and decorated with screenshots, we have no intention of stirring up hatred against refugees. If you or your readers have understood so, that's not our problem! The purpose of the article was especially on the approach of the mayor Dr. Uwe Friedl and the project manager Norman Kuhn pointing.

I ask myself: Why do the children who until August 2016 had usually to remain in the premises of the school, move into containers? Why were the refugees not housed in a different location in containers?

In the article of the Kölner Stadt Anzeiger says:

"The daycare center occupies only a small part of the school. And in the school we get a lot more into refugees than in the containers that we use now for the day care center, "he explains. If one were to accommodate the refugees in containers, would be much more of them bought or rented, as it was the case with the solution adopted. One would also Kita can leave at school and part of the refugees there, another part can be accommodated in the containers, so Friedl. "But I do not consider it opportune that Kita and refugees were then used a common outer surface," he says. Apart from this, the question arises, where to find a large enough area to set up containers for 200 refugees.

The Kita Shire was pulled until the summer of 2014 in the former school building. The school was conceived from the outset as a transitional solution, as Kita in August 2016, move into their new home on the final Vogelrute. With the construction of which was started recently. "Twice a year to move, no fun", Kuhn admits, "but I would not rate as a super negative." For the operator of the current relocation course cost neutral.

In my eyes the stupid drivel from both sides! When a mayor has not mitkriegt what is going on in his community and then also shows surprised about the displeasure which is spreading in the social networks, which is - with all due respect - really beyond help! "Facing him no criticism had been expressed", it said ...
What pray tell expected Dr. Friedl then? That people come to him, to cry with him and tell him that they do not want any refugees or because they find the idea with the containers goofy? Ever wondered that people might have even afraid to say so publicly because they know that they will then have to reckon with reprisals Links autosomes or to be accused of being a Nazi, if that comes out ?!

The thing with "cost-neutral" and that the purchase of containers for the refugees would be too expensive or that they indeed would have no open space to accommodate the refugees ... bla ... bla ... bla ... all these are just poor excuses! It is simply no longer master of the situation! The cities and municipalities are grossly overburdened with the increasing number of refugees. One gets the country just chucked a few refugees, along the lines of: "Since ... See how you will cope with it!" And so is the thing done.
Also allows you to Komunen no time to find a suitable accommodation for the refugees and the citizens are well informed at the last moment. Well ... and the ladies and gentlemen "up there" where it may well be all the same as long as the home for asylum seekers not just adjacent to their property.
Yes, but with the citizens we can make it so ... when you just pop a refugee center in my face and says with a shrug: "Yes ... pff ... is way it is. I can not help it! I get the refugees allocated by country and now I have to look just where I bring below. You have there already understand. Even my hands are tied since. "

But then formed a group of volunteers who demonstrated against the asylum-Irrsin or it is called a signature campaign against the planned asylum center in life, then the whining is great again! As the press falls then back on it as a horde of hungry wolves, with headlines such as: "The racism is organized" or "appearance of bullying foam mouths" or "hatred of asylum seekers spreading the net" ... and so on and so forth ...

I really can not hear this drivel from the press lies! They are the ones who distort the facts, spread lies and deliberately withheld information to the reader! Yes, there are indeed a few crazed neo-Nazis, who are really the hateful and the only evil in mind. But these are fortunately only a handful, and where it is best to also pay no attention! The people who stand up here and really have the muzzle full, these are mostly ordinary people and families who quite simply are worried and wondering where this whole asylum-Irrsin yet to lead !? But instead of listening to them, they are insulted as Nazis and outlawed.

Every day we read that again somewhere a gymnasium was purposes than originally intended as a refugee accommodation that a container village for refugees in the middle of a residential area, next to a school or a kindergarten should be built. Tenants are the apartments terminated, the houses to be demolished and then on the site creates a top modern refugee accommodation. Vacant, municipal buildings, to which has previously taken care of no tail, because the renovation costs were simply too high to be, suddenly prepared in a cloak and dagger operation to serve as a refugee camp. Hotel operators offer their rooms in the city at a refugee shelter because they know that the payment arrives on time in a fully wired house. Cunning "businessmen" buy run-down, vacant hotels and houses, because they also know by now that thus can earn a fortune. I want to have a very short time back in there, because they know that the state the water is up to his neck and he no longer knows what to do with the masses of refugees and therefore prepared a "bounty" payable to the, the refugees receives and offers them a roof over their heads. Also in the case referred to in Euskirchen I could well imagine that because money plays a role to me !? Who knows?

But no matter, we can not prove anything, so we leave it at that! Not that I Manuel thereby again deliver a new opening pitch to which he can pull himself up again and so for days can not sleep ?! zwinker4
It also suits me really far, to stimulate Manuel and his readers, who have turned for help to him because of my wicked, evil and hateful article think. I want to, after all, do not scrape your pink cloud and do-gooders to burst possibly, that would not really be fair.

I will instead continue to monitor the situation in Euskirchen in the eye and wait. Let's see when the police has to come out for the first time to the Matthias-Hagen-school, because there has been a mass brawl or stabbing? Maybe zündelt again one of the asylum seekers rum or infects his mattress, which the left-gooder Press then naturally resold as "racist attack" in the basement. Well ... and as for the women and girls who were also so get used to dress appropriately for now. Miniskirts and hot pants are taboo. This could in fact otherwise at the asylum seekers lead to misunderstandings and that we do not want! At ATMs you should turn around and look always first, that no one is behind you. Also valuables, such as jewelry, cell phones or designer clothes should not be flaunted. It could cause envy. Best not even to deal with on the street and if they do, look down when a man of the Lord met.

That's not true? Is everything just a nasty, nasty smear campaign? No ... it's the unvarnished truth! A truth, but do not want to see the troops gooder in cloud cuckoo land. Just google or daily at our Facebook page. Since it is a sometimes really queasy!

It is time that you all wake up times before completely flips the mood here. Got it at last that ultimately many want to enrich the suffering of refugees. The "evil" do not sit down here and they also stir up not hatred, it is those at the top, the cowardly figures ... which, with the dollar signs in their eyes ...

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