Casting: deer caught, grilled and eaten

Casting: deer caught, grilled and eaten
German. Currently listening to Pour in connection with Rödgener street is noisy. There in fact is doing in recent times a lot. Riots, brawls, stabbings, robberies, harassment, insults and threats. This is due to the totally overburdened reception center for refugees in the former US-depot at the Rödgener road. It Hardly a day passes in which the police must not march out there or their perpetrators found at this establishment after clashes in the village. The incidents do not stop there and now it has caught a deer, as the police headquarters Mittelhessen reported in its press release.

Because group hunting currently identify officials of Giessen police. Apparently had unknowns in a wooded area, located near the road Rödgener, designed a trap and thus caught a deer. The deer was killed by unknown then, grilled and eaten.

Evidently the deer caught in a snare designed. The incident is likely to have taken place on 15 July 2015 and in the previous days. The police are looking for witnesses who can provide information on the perpetrators.

Of course, everyone could have other also caught the deer killed, grilled and eaten, but it seems likely that it was in this incident once again is Neubürger ™ from the reception center, who caught the deer using a designed sling. Any other civilized man would the deer namely succumbed with an appropriate hunting rifle, as opposed to the Bushmen.

It would also not the first time that there caught an animal, killed and eaten is.

Unknown persons apparently geschächtet a lamb in a meadow in the Rödgener road between Monday and Wednesday. On the grounds of the former US depots currently is a flock of sheep. Apparently, the perpetrators had visited the fenced pasture at night and killed the animal. Remains of the animal were found on Wednesday afternoon. The local residents are extremely unhappy with the whole situation and live in fear.

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