11,000 illegal border crossings since the beginning

11,000 illegal border crossings since the beginning
Half-yearly figures of the Federal Police Rosenheim: Currently the gymnasium filled on the grounds of Rosenheim federal police illegally entered the country people. The provisional Bettenlager has become something of a fixed base in recent months. Especially people from Eritrea, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are temporarily housed there.

Already in the first half of the Federal Police Rosenheim with approximately 11,000 illegal border crossings detected significantly more irregular entrants who as in the entire last year. 2014 were approximately 9,400 illegal entries, which already represented a doubling compared to last year. In the current year, more than two-thirds of those who arrived illegally have fallen with trains to Germany. The overwhelming majority of them was on the so-called "Brenner route" road that leads from Italy via Austria to Germany.

From January to June, the federal police of Rosenheim inspection could also put the criminal craft per month an average of 60 traffickers. Thus, the current monthly average apprehended tractor is 20 higher than last year. In addition, civil servants showed monthly to about 80 people who have been traveling with a forged or falsified documents. 2014 were 70 per month.

It is becoming apparent that the Rosenheim inspection will continue to be extremely strong demand. In just the first ten days of July, the Federal Police has registered in the southern part of the German-Austrian border area more than 1,800 irregular entrants who.

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